Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eff you Barbi, Part Tres

In my effort to change the crazy poor self images that women weekly "props" to myself and to a friend...

I am a tomboy. Or as I like to put it...I'm like a man. I think like a man (but not with my penis, however, if I had a penis, I am sure it would be huge! Ha!) I don't let petty shit get to me. I don't over analyze things and become all frantic because my husband said I looked "fine" and not "beautiful." (Oh my God, does this mean he doesn't find me attractive anymore? Do I need to lose weight? Is he cheating on me? He's going to divorce me because he isn't attracted to me anymore! ect...) I take things in stride. I look at the big picture instead of obsessing over the details. I can run a chainsaw, well, I might add. I can stack, and throw firewood, and start fires if my husband isn't home. I can drive a stick. I can drive a motorcycle. I can drive a four-wheeler. I can shoot a gun. I lift like a man. I work like a man. I impress my husband's friends with my strength of character, my quick-wit, and the ability to keep up with them physically. Plus, I can hold my own in a fight. I think that that is a huge compliment!

Lora, over at the newly renamed Fever, is amazing. She is also quick-witted, moreso than myself. She has the most randomly beautiful train of thoughts and I love that she shares them with us. She is a great mother who teaches her child tolerance and that all people should be accepted, but still tells him the dangers of people touching him inappropriately. She is an educator and an advocate for getting others educated. She is a kind soul, who cares for people she doesn't even know, but is sharp-tongued when she needs to be. She is brilliant in my opinion. She comes up with great ideas and puts them out there instead of leaving them trapped in her head. She has beautiful thoughts, can put those thoughts into beautiful words, and creates beautiful blogs, even though she sees them at crazy, jumpy thoughts....that is what makes them beautiful. She is not afraid to say she is attractive, she is not afraid to say she wants attention. I absolutly love the person that she is. Her little Jake is so lucky to have such an incredible mother.

Till next time.


  1. thank you so much. I really needed this today, it's one of those grey days that makes me feel all potatoey inside.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. love the pic. i think it's so awesome that you can hold your own around men. you are empowering and inspiring!

  3. You are super tough, and that's awesome! I am way too chicken to drive a motorcycle, but I drive a stick. I too am definitley "one of the guys" when it comes to my social style.

    And I agree--Lora is all of the things you said, especially a "kind soul." She has an amazing ability to listen to people and help them through their problems.