Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eff you Barbi!

Mara over at In so many words... has a great idea. There are too many women walking around out there that have absolutly no self esteem for no apparent reason. She is going to start posting a positve comment about herself and about a friend once a week to try to reverse the trend...I am going to follow suit.

I am sexy...not in the catch your eye as Im walking by sexy, but the slow, sneaky, sexy that creeps up and catches hold of you and doesn't let go sexy. My sexiness comes from more than my looks, it comes from my personality, the way I carry myself, yes, my looks, and my intelligence. I have hooked my some pretty attractive men, men that other women didn't think I should be with because they were out of my league, I snicker at these women...they didn't see my sexiness creeping up their shoulders to tap them...they got it later though. I am sexy...

My friend, and sister-in-law, Jen over at It's a beautiful life is pretty amazing. She is one of the funniest people I know. Super attractive, hilarious, a GREAT mother, caring, charismatic, and memorable. She doesn't give herself enough credit for how great she is. She still has a killer body, even after pushing a kid out, works hard, and connects with people in such a way that she makes you feel truly special just for knowing her. I am lucky to call her a friend and truly blessed to call her a sister.

I challenge all you wonderful women out there to do this as well!


  1. I love this whole idea. Mara is so amazing, and I'm completely hooked on you and Jen too. Love it, love it, love it.

  2. I'm so glad this is catching on, and I love that you titled this "Eff you Barbi!"

  3. I love the title, also. This is a great idea! People should celebrate themselves.

  4. Perfect title! Your post is great!

  5. this is great! love the idea! you and Jen are both fabulous women!