Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eff you Barbi! Part Deux

In my effort to change how women look at tinee tiny step at a time...

I am a smart cookie! I am not only book smart, but I have common sense too! That is sometimes hard to come by. I am able to pick things up quickly and retain them. I graduated with two majors, not even closely related, from college and did it cum laude, all while working 2 jobs and putting in at least 40 hours on top of that in the training room. I am the go to person at my job when it comes to questions about different medical procedures, diagnosis, or just the "what the hell does this say or how do you pronounce this word" questions. I don't settle if I don't know something, I find the answer and then educated everyone else...we call it "Doctor Kline's educational segment" at work...where i try to educate everyone! I love doing it too! I am a smart cookie.

Brandi at Live, Laugh, Love is also smart, and creative, and amazingly funny. She doesnt think she is creative, but read her blog...she is. Her blog is one of the blogs that made me want to join this community and put my ideas our there. She is down to earth, truthful, and insightful. She sees things the way they really are and does not sugar coat them, and I love her for that. She isn't afraid to say what is on her mind and does not apologize for feeling the way she does. Honest people are the best. Though she appears slightly OCD when it comes to her house, she still manages to read more books than most people in college do and that is amazing. She loves getting others excited about reading as well; that is a feet in itself. She is a beautiful soul, an animal lover, fellow cat-talker to'er, reading junky, window-washing, book club inspiring, thought provoking woman. In short, she is awesome.

Have a wonderful day all you beautiful yourself everyday!


  1. Haley, you just totally made my day! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. That almost made me cry :) You are so awesome!

  2. I love both of you. And I'm talking to my cat as I type!

  3. Yay for awesome women everywhere!

  4. You're both awesome! I love knowing smart cookies!