Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She did it.
She finally left him.
My phone rang at 6am this morning. It was Tiffany. The quiet, meek voice that had taken her over for 2 years now gone, the strong, confident woman I know back on the line.
"I did it. I left him. I moved out at 2am last night. I refuse to do it anymore."
After over a year and a half of not knowing where her husband was each night, drunken fights at 2am, cheating, piles of hidden disgusting porn, disrespect, and no concern for her feelings, she had had enough. Just last week he promised to change for the baby in her belly. It look exactly 4 days for him to go right back to what he was doing. Little did he know, she went and actually got separation papers last week because she knew he wouldn't change.
She is filing them today. Calling her lawyer today.
She is past the point of being sad that her marriage is over, she has watched it die as she furiously tried to keep it alive for the past 2 years. She is just angry now. At that point where she feels stupid for putting herself in the position she is in. He had her fooled. He has us all fooled that he was a good guy. He never drank like that before, never looked at other women, was respectful of her feelings. Then the facade disappeared for good a few weeks after the wedding.
She has support. Mine, her mothers, her fathers, her sister, her brothers, her other friends. She has plenty of doors open to her now.
Im proud that she is finally standing up for herself again. I am happy that my strong friend is back...she was just sleeping inside her. Her baby woke her back up.
And she told me "Thank you for always being there and telling me the truth."
She is going to be the best mother ever.


  1. So glad!!! For her. And that child. And the generations after!!

    Tell her to take deep diaphragmatic breaths and try to stay calm and happy - for the baby. Keep those bad (angry) chemicals out of her system.

  2. Funny. The word verification was "flown."

  3. This is good...I'm very glad to hear it! Good for her. You are a really great friend to her...she's very lucky! I hope she continues to stay won't be easy for awhile...but it's good she knows she's got a strong support system!!