Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shifting weight

I've lost 7lbs and more importantly 8" off my body so far. I am down a pant size and my bras are getting big. Thank God. I am into my groove at the gym and only miss one day per week which is my recovery day. My diet has much improved and I haven't fallen off the wagon and eaten an entire gallon of ice cream yet. I think this means I am doing it the right way. I have a nice balanced diet instead of denying myself everything. Kicking pop/soda/mountain dew was easier than expected as well. My new favorite drink...FUZE tropical punch or strawberry melon. No fat, 5 cal, no carbs, or sugars. They are tasty and good for you!

My husband, on the other hand, has managed to gain the weight I have lost. Since hitting the road, he has gained enough weight to make him go from a 32x34 to a 36x34...WTF!?! It doesn't bother me, I would love him no matter what he looked like. But he has never gained any weight. I am glad he gets to see how it feels for once. He has only been on the road twice...for a little over a week the first time and 5 days the second time. That is a lot of weight to gain in that little of time. I think he is seeing how active he normally is compared to sitting behind a steering wheel all day...and the Jared diet doesn't work when you are sedentarty...he proves this.

I made turkey burgers with gouda last night. Kevin wasn't such a fan...he likes his red meat. I do too, but I love turkey burgers...and the tomato basil bocca burgers...super yummy! I will ease those onto him...I see mutiny if I introduce them too quickly.


  1. congrats!!! that's really great that you're sticking with it!

    i tried a turkey burger once. was not a fan. pretty sure if i tried that crap on my husband he'd kick me out.

  2. Congratulations!

    Tomato Basil Bocca Burgers sound pretty good. Anything with tomato or basil passes in my book.

  3. That is awesome!!!! Congrats :)

  4. Congratulations Haley!

    Now if we can only talk your Mom out of giving us those damn cookie plates every year we'll be set. Those things are dangerous!

    Keep up the hard work, you're doing awesome.

  5. Good for you girl! I had a friend who always fed her man ground turkey in place of beef and never told him. He didn't ever know the difference, but if you asked him his feelings on ground turkey, he swore he hated it. Men. Geez.