Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of my best friend's from high school, Andy's, grandfather passed last night.
It is so sad. I went to several school dances with Andy and we always stopped by his grandma and grandpa's house for pictures before hand. They were the cutest couple in the world. He doted on her and she looked at him with so much love.
Every morning I drive by their house at 6:30am. Every morning I would see them sitting in their breakfast nook eating breakfast together. Seeing them there every morning gave me hope that love gets stronger every year that you are together. I joke with Andy that if I ever get a divorce, I am coming after him and we are going to be like his grandparents...but only if he makes me breakfast every morning...he is a chef.
I hate that she had to lose her husband right before Christmas. I hate that Andy lost his grandfather. I hate that I won't see them in the morning anymore.

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