Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning?

Kevin and I throw two parties per year. The reasons are dual the winter, we have our Ugly Sweater Party...where you find the ugliest sweater you can and wear it with pride. We have different themes each year. This year...animals. Think crazy cat lady...yeah, you got it. Our summer party is out doors and we mainly BBQ and hang out by a HUGE bonfire. It is nice.
The second reason for the parties is so that we clean our house from top to bottom.
I spent my weekend shampooing carpets. I didn't realize how dirty our carpets were until I was emptying the water...blech! I feel much better now. Kevin and I went nuts! I went through 3 of our rooms and pulled out a bunch of stuff for goodwill and salvation army. We took a whole truckload to goodwill! I think washed the walls and made sure there were no cobwebs on the ceilings or on the fans or anything. Kevin patches some of our drywall/plaster and finished mudding our mud room. He also built us a nifty little shoe shelf on an unused and wasted space in our basement stairwell. Our house feels so much cleaner and fresh. And I feel decluttered.

I wish we had more things done at our house, but money is required for this. Slowly but surely.
Our friends Jill and Rob host the New Years party with the sole purpose of it driving them to get projects done on their home. Funny-huh. Funny, but true. We are only motivated by others sometimes.

Our animals were running around like mad, trying to figure out why the living room furniture was in the dining room and kitchen. And why there were so many loud noises. My dog HATED the shampoo-er, was petrified of it. It was hilarious chasing him around our linoleumed kitchen with it.....scamper-scratch-slip-slide-stumble to the left, then back to the right, trying so hard to get away from it. Poor thing. But it's free entertainment and I am easily entertained. I call it payback for scaring the be-jesus out of me when he decided to bark at a deer outside at 2am ...I understand, the deer was looking in the window at him, but seriously...its not going to murder us in our sleep, so shush it!

Anyways, Im excited for our Ugly Sweater Party this weekend. And I know that my cleaning job will be lost 5min after people start to arrive, but for the time being...I will enjoy my lovely, clean house!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing when I'm having people over. And then it's shot the minute they get there...and they don't even notice! But I know it's clean and that's all that matters :) It's a good feeling!!

    Have fun at your party!! Sounds like fun!!

  2. Pets always make for great entertainment. My cats are both very interested in my cleaning...especially the little feisty one, who likes to "help" sweep.

    Jack and I spent the weekend organizing, and finally unpacking boxes that have been in the basement since we moved in two years ago. I have a feeling my house will never be "finished," whatever that means...