Monday, January 11, 2010

So I forgot to mention that Kevin went back to work at the machine shop he used to work at last week. He got the call new years eve when we were headed to Stow. It was great news. He is back there with his vacation time back and seniority. They are training him on the laser cutter, so it is something that he can add to his resume...always a plus.
Downside-he can't take the classes he signed up for. I am trying to convince him to change his classes to a couple of night classes....for several reasons.
One. I really think the school thing would boost his confidence. Two. School never hurts. It can only add to his employment appeal. Three. It will keep him busy and out of trouble...which leads me to my next story...
So Kevin has a buddy from the landscape supplier that we worked for after the machine shop laid him off...His name is Jake and he is 19. He graduated with my youngest brother. He is an ok kid, but he is 19. He is young. He is dumb. He has a lot of learning to do and he thinks he is way more mature than he is. He needs to learn when to shut his mouth.
Jake is at our house all the time...I mean almost every day from the time he gets off work til 9 at night. Its frustrating. I want to come home to MY HOME and relax...not have to put up with an infantile kid running around making my husband wish he were 19 again. Case in point...I got stuck going to a KEGGER in a BARN this weekend.
Im talking underage drinking, kids making out, stupid fights, and kids thinking their cool because they are drinking and smoking. L.A.M.E.
I didn't drink til 4 years ago...Im 28.
I felt so out of place at this party. It was pathetic. Nothing like walking in and being judged by a bunch on 18 year olds. There was no way in hell I was drinking at this party...I had my bottle of water in my coat pocket, trying to find a clean place to lean against to watch the horrible antics going on.
First off...almost every girl there was wearing a tank top and jeans that were so tight you could see what type of underwear they were a barn that is MAYBE 65*. I had on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and arctic lined carhart jacket and was freezing. Every guy was just plain lame...thinking they were the shit as they attempted to do keg stands. I laughed as each one got done and ran outside to puke...the tap on the keg was done wrong so more foam than beer was coming out. Smart guys. I finally got fed up with all the immaturity and headed home at 12:45 with an angry husband in tow. He didn't realize that I was miserable and so was his other friend that came with us...he is also 28 and thought it was a horrible idea to be there. So I drop John off to get his truck and he heads out as Kevin is getting all pissy because I was being a catty bitch for not wanting to stay at the party.
So what do I do. Tell him to get back in the car and I drop HIS lame ass back off at the party and tell him to stay with Jake. He does.
Jake drops him back off in the morning and asks why I didn't stay. Really? Well, I gave it to him just as I saw it.
It was lame. All the kids that were there had no business drinking, the girls needed to put some damn clothes on and quit having sex in the corner with random guys, and that I thought they were all losers and didn't want to be there. I asked if any of these kids were going to college...No. Of course not. I had that pegged as soon as we walked in. I told Jake that he needed to distance himself from this crowd if he wanted to be anything. That they would end up at the local bars with all the lame assholes from my class that are a waste of life: drinking every night, having one night stands with anyone that will touch them, wearing their letterman's jackets when they are 30, and working dead-end jobs. I saw their futures already.
Then I laid into Kevin. Asking him if he felt like a big cool man drinking with a bunch of 19 year olds, letting his wife sleep alone because he wanted to relive his high school days, If he realized that if the cops showed up HE would be liable for all the alcohol there since he was the only one over 21?
Jake apologized. Kevin just looked embarrassed as I stormed away.
It is one thing to have a few drinks with your little brother on a holiday or at a graduation is a complete other issue to go to a "high school" party where you know one person and act like the idiots that are there.
I certainly hope that Kevin got the point. I will be gone if it happens again. He has responsibilities and a wife and he needs to remember this.


  1. there is nothing worse than feeling like (or being) the creepy old person at a party, standing in the corner and shaking your head at "kids these days"

    sounds miserable.

  2. To this day, I remember the creepy guy at our high-school parties that always talked about his wrestling sad is it to have peaked in high-school.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Kevin is working again. It's tough to work and go to school at the same time, but I totally agree that it's a great way to improve confidence and increase your marketability. Besides, learning is fun!

  3. That's great to hear Kevin is working!

    But wow...that party sounds just awful. I would have been miserable too...and hopefully Kevin learned from this and never does it again! Cause it's not worth it!!