Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a Weekend!

This weekend was so exhausting I was looking forward to coming back to work! Anyone that knows me knows that that means my weekend sucked! Friday I got to rent movies (of my choice for once!) and watch them in peace since Kevin was helping our friend Jon put in a heating system at someone's house. But later that night when he got home, it all started. VOMIT. Kevin was sick as a dog. He had somehow gotten the flu. He had it coming out both ends and was as white as the snow outside was. He couldn't keep anything down and ended up spending the night in the bathroom on one of the rugs with a towel covering him. I had already made plans to help my BFF Tiff paint her kitchen, so I asked Kevin if it would be ok for me to leave and he figured it would since I couldn't really do anything to ease his discomfort. So I get to Tiff's house and nothing is ready. I had to sand all the walls and she followed me with a bucket of soapy water cleaning them off. Then we taped, and finally we got to start painting. Only problem, she got an oil based primer. It stunk to high heaven! I had such a headache. We finally get one coat of everything done...we painted the walls burgandy and the beadboard and cabinets a cream color...only she decided she didn't like the initial cream that she bought so we will have to apply at least two more coats of the new color once she picks it out. Kevin only called 4 times during the 6 hours I was there...suprised. Later that night, he fever spiked at 103, he was half dillusional and was really starting to scare me. The fever finally broke and he was able to keep down 7up in small sips, but that was it until Monday. Well, I decided to get groceries on sunday and took Kevin's truck since the roads were a little drifted yet. On the way back, I turn onto my grandfather's road and the tire instantly goes flat. Luckily my lil bro, Jake, saw me and picked me up and took me home to get Kevin. Poor Kevin had to change the tire while heeving the entire time. Poor guy. It just wasn't turning into a great day. To top it off...the snow plow knocked our mailbox over as well...Awesome. I definitly didn't have the luck of the Irish this past weekend. Hope this next one is better!


  1. That sucks! Treat yourself to some good coffee today.

  2. I'm sorry to hear your weekend was so awful...but thankfully we're halfway through the workweek already! I hope this weekend is better for ya!