Monday, January 19, 2009

Party Shananigans

Kevin and I hosted our annual "Ugly Sweater Party" and Joe's going away party on saturday night. Kevin and I were worried that no one would show up since a plethera of our Cleveland friends had other plans. We ended up having about 30 people show up though and we had so much fun. There was, of course, ample amounts of alcohol and a great group of people. This combination results in the following:

-randomly yelling "shots!" and a stampede occurs to the kitchen area

-snow angels/wrestling in only underwear compliments of Joe and Kevin

-a beer fight where I ended up being attacked by Kevin and Jon and getting beer poured down my pants

-more shots

-beer pong

-random dancing to Kanye and TI in our living room (poor dancing)

-there is now a hole in the wall leading to my bathroom that Joe just happens to fit into perfectly (hmmm)

-finding urine in our upstairs hallway in the morning (apparently someone thought the wall was a urinal?) (yuck)

-more shots

-Haley crying a little on Joe's shoulder

-waking up and making sausage casserole for a bunch of hungover individuals

-some really funny photos that remind us how stupid we got the night before

I am glad that Joe had a great time. He was laughing non stop all night and you could tell he had fun. It was great watching everyone interact since it was the first time my cleveland friends were meeting my bellevue friends. I am glad everyone got along and only one wall got peed on. Next time, depends will be issued to anyone that looks guilty.

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  1. Those are awesome pics Haley. I got a good laugh out of them, especially your beer crack. I bet that felt awesome in the morning. I'm sure Joe has huge appreciation for the shin-dig in his honor!