Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello Blogging World

So this is my first blog. Interesting. I thought it may be nice to do since my sister-in-law does one. It is a nice way to stay updated.
I am currently a little sad. My younger brother, Joe, will be leaving for the army on the 20th and flying out the 21st. I was fine with it until this morning when I read his blog regarding leaving. Needless to say, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks that he is really leaving. I thought I would be ok with this since I have lived pretty much my entire life with a long distance relationship: my parents divorced when I was very young and my father has always been a ways away from me. So, basically, I thought I knew how to handle a long distance relationship. Boy was I wrong. It dawned on me that I can't just call him up to talk when I need to like I normally do. I can't call him up spur of the moment to meet for lunch when I am bored. I can't call him and ask for favors. He is going to be hours away with only written communication for quite a while. I am not so much scared, ok maybe a little bit, about what he is going to go through. I am just going to miss him being around. I am wishing now that I had spent more time with him. It makes me realize how little I really do see my brothers and that makes me sad. I am horrible about keeping in touch with people, but I have always been one of those people that can pick up right where I left off, but I forget that others aren't this way. I went through a phase where I was very distant from my family, trying to establish myself and my husband as a family, and I am still mad at myself for that. I have made a promise to myself to write Joe at least once a week while he is in boot camp. I hate how it takes someone going away to really make you appreciate them. Why does it always have to be this way?! Well, I will keep the first one short. Hopefully my next one will be more cheerful!

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  1. Hey sis! Welcome to the blogging cult! You looked pretty on Friday night and the pics I took of you and your brothers turned out really good. The good part about Joe leaving is that we realize our time with him is going to be more special and valuable. Hang in there!