Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chicken Flavored Toothpaste?!

I wanted to write something a little more upbeat than my past
The husband and I attempted to brush our dog's teeth the other night. We figured we should do so as good parents. We bought a little kit from the local pet supply company that had chicken flavored toothpaste...who doesn't like chicken?!
Well, remember how when you were little and they asked you what "flavor" toothpaste you wanted at the dentist? Bubble gum, tutti fruitty, mint chocolate chip...and how those "flavors" always seemed the same awkward, gritty taste? I think the same holds true in the doggy toothpaste world. The instructions told us to put a little on our finger and let the dog "accept it." Bully was not accepting it. He turned his nose up at it...and for good reason. It smells horrible. So. I manned his back end, Kevin braved the mouth and we brushed poor Bully's teeth.
He did not enjoy it at all.
I knew that Bully had a gigantic mouth from the beginning...him being a pit and all, but boy do they have a lot of lip! Try pulling back the lips on a pit sometime. It's impossible....they just keep stretching and pulling and continue to cover the teeth you are trying to get to. If they want their mouth closed, it's going to be closed.
After brushing the teeth we could get to, we let Bully run off to get some water. What does he do instead. Stands there wagging his tail like nothing happened.
Ah, to have the memory of a dog...
But let it be known that chicken flavored toothpaste is not so tasty..
We will stick with milkbones from now on.


  1. Oh, That would have made a good You Tube Video!

  2. I do remember trying to brush our Mastiff's teeth...didn't go so well!