Thursday, March 11, 2010

Invitation samples...I need a name!

This is my favorite. Very modern looking, yet simple.

For the bride that loves vellum. Allows all enclosures to be tied inside with a pretty little bow around the outside of the vellum.

The paper didn't translate well in the picture. White shimmer under pink shimmer. It looks really nice in person.

A little modern, yet classic at the same time. My best seller as of late.

The inside allows for the traditional cheesy quote. "the path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two cannot walk on it unless they become one!"

Simple and classic. Comes with matching reception card

Large save the date (size of a post card) (oh, and I didn't pick the colors...this was all Tiff's giant orange and hot pink wedding!)

Small save the date...cute, simple, cheap!

Bachelorette Invitation

Per Lizzi's request. Here are some samples of my invitations. I have tons more at home from past mock-ups, but these are the basic styles. Any ideas for a name for my little business venture?


  1. 've been thinking but I'm so terrible at coming up with things like this!!

  2. These are gorgeous. Still thinking.

  3. I suck too, but here comes a brain dump...

    Personal Touch
    Touch of Class
    Your Special Day

  4. These are awesome!!!

    I'm terrible with creative names :(