Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I cut my hair this weekend. 11 inches gone. It feels lighter, but I am struggling with styling it. I even bought a straightener, and all of you that know me know that this is a monumental moment in my life. I can barely run a hair dryer.

Im having cutters remorse. I want my long hair back.

Everyone says they like it, but I think it makes my face look fat. It doesnt help that Kevin said, it makes your face look happier and rounder. No girl wants to hear that it makes their face look rounder. no one.

Kevin loves it though, but he LOVES short hair on women. I think I pull it off ok, but Im not happy with it, therefore I feel unattractive.

My good friend, Kyle, always important to me, confirmed what I was feeling by telling me that he was completely unattracted to me now. Kyle is harsh, Kyle is blunt. It is one of the reasons I love him. Im not typically a girl to get too worked up over things like this, but I want my long, beautiful hair back. N.O.W!

It will probably take a good year to grow it back out...plus I get to go through the lovely awkward stages of the grow out...yuck.

The only thing that makes it worthwhile...I donated my hair for the 6th time to locks of love and convinced an 11 year old little girl to do it with me in the process.


Hair, please come back quickly...


  1. I actually think it makes you look sophisticated. I really like it! I cut a ton of my hair off once too and while I sorta liked the short hair look for awhile I eventually grew mine out too. So I know what you're feeling.... but I do think it looks great on you!! (I don't just hand out meaningless compliments either...I truly think you look good).

    And congrats to you for donating to Locks of Love. That's fantastic!!

  2. 11 inches, Holy Crap! Only you can grow hair that fast! I'm so jealous.

    It will be long again before you know it and think about how good you're going to feel this summer without all of that hair to tie back!

  3. I like it! And I like that you donated it. It can be challenging getting used to the new length and how to style it, but it won't last forever!

    I cut my hair short last night. From below shoulder length to chin length. I like it, but I do feel a little round in the face too. Oh well, it'll only grow!

  4. You'll get used to it. New haircuts are always hard to swallow.

    I'm a long, flowing hair kind of girl. I starting having layers put in my hair about a year ago--you know, to try to look like a professional adult--and I still miss my old bohemian style.

  5. you are adorable!! i think it looks great! you'll get used to it...but it really does look good on you!!

    and it's so awesome that you donated it. i can't get my hair to grow past my shoulders no matter how hard i try. it just stops. so i keep mine short. and i don't care that i have a fat face...it's easy and i like easy!